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The expert reminds: spring exercise must have "sunshine consciousness."
20:59, 2009-Apr-8 Exercise has become one of the important urban citizens exercise of choice, but the wrong exercise time may UGG Rayacause harm to the body. The expert reminds, spring outdoor exercises must have "sunshine consciousness", the sun came out after the exercise to health. People will think when the air is fresh morning "", this is a kind of misunderstanding. Chongqing meteorology specialist tells a reporter, spring before sunrise often occurs near the earth surface layer, the cause of air pollutants inversion can spread before the dawn of time, usually is the most serious air Shox TL 4pollution in the day time. While experts remind that plants in the sunshine in chlorophyll only can photosynthesize, if exercise before sunrise, sunshine illuminate arrives on the blade is not without photosynthesis, night near the plant, instead of fresh oxygen, instead of carbon dioxide, and laid down against the body healthy. People need to have "sunshine out exercise in the sun, and select the consciousness out after half an hour exercise, can make the body in a short time, avoid morning full of cold heat, and can exercise to accept certain time by the ultraviolet radiation, kill bacteria on skin, stimulating bone hematopoiesis Nike Air Force 1 Mid (white orange orange) European Exclusive functionary, improve symptoms, kill two birds with one stone really play anemia.

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