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Before the exercise will hinder sleep?
02:08, 2009-Apr-6 How is sports and sleep? What can promote sleep or will affect sleep? Today we'll discuss! Experts are often so warned people: you should avoid strenuous exercise before bedtime, reason is acuteness exercise Air Force 1 Mid Georgetown University Edition (midnight navy neutral grey)process of human experience release more adrenaline and other hormones, these hormones, can make the person's mood in the intense state, which requires at least three hours to drop back to the original level, so before the games hinder sleep. However, most of the studies did not confirm this. Such a study found at bedtime, 90 minutes or 60 minutes for 1 hour of moderate exercise will not become difficult to sleep, will not reduce the quality of sleep. Many other studies have found similar. American university of south Carolina, a dedicated to observeUltimate Bind chestnut this problem of researchers think that fact can promote sport: before sleeping, reduce anxiety, temperature, but there are ascending individual differences. Namely, not everyone can benefit from before the movement. However, before the movement will sleep on the negative impact that has been most institute. So the team sports after work to join you, not for bedtime movement affect morpheus and worrying.

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