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Boiling Point detonating - Reebok ATR MAKE IT RAIN
23:43, 2009-Mar-11 January 2009, NBA new season of fighting game was going on with the new slogan "you master" of the global promotion, Reebok's top design team launched a timely basketball series in 2009's first masterpiece ATR MAKE IT RAIN, Air Classic BW invite you to join Chang NBA passion to enjoy! "MAKE IT RAIN" from the American basketball culture slang that is used to describe the moment-Star Stadium, one of full of stars continues to bring U.S. market performance implies. In order to rename this shoes is to wear Reebok's This boots in 2009 at the stadium NBA game on the many players in the new year be able to have the best performance. As Reebok's Alone star, Yao Ming's personal exclusive version of ATR MAKE IT RAIN more are on the UGG Brookfield Tallabsolute focus of the stadium. In 2009 as ATR (Above The Rim) a new member of the family, ATR MAKE IT RAIN used a number of proprietary technology Reebok. Designed with unique boots give players foot parcel to provide a good role, not only can prevent skidding, but also provide better protection performance and comfort. In addition, high-end shoes will be used on laser etching technology can also appear in the ATR MAKE IT RAIN on the uppers, combined with open-weave mesh type so that the shoes looked new and modern at the same time full, also has excellent ventilation effect. Shox 45 Inside the fabric used in dry perspiration Play Dry technology can help remove excess sweat, so that the foot is more comfortable and refreshing; light PU uppers of shoes is more reduced body weight; dual high-density midsole material with good Wear-resistant and non-slip, and made available to players in the field on most of the necessary grip and stability; former palm soft rubber feet ensure the comfort, light hollow soles, as well as the rear of the use of super-wearable rubber shoes so that the durability has been greatly improved; intimate of the Non-marking outsole material, let you at that venue on regardless, will not leave a rubber imprinting. While Air Huarache Burst Reebok's DMX RIDE unique shock absorber technology allow ATR MAKE IT RAIN has excellent cushioning properties. Shoes are a unique side decoration TPU-shaped hole so that the overall appearance of shoes full of new ideas.

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